Buy aminoexpert outside Europe?

Dear customer,

you might have seen our products and come from outside Europe. Or European Union, to be more specific. Unfortunately, we cannot sell and deliver the products directly to you. Not in large quantities, not in small quantities.

The reason is that we do not have the capacities to provide the extensive paperwork that is associated with such export. This would take days and weeks of specialised administrative workforce which we do not have. We are rather certain that the products would meet legal requirements in most countries, but it would simply need a massive amount of documentation.

There are basically two ways you might get hold of our products:

1) Ask a friend who is living in the EU to buy the products and then ship them as a private parcel / gift to you. Please check out your local customs requirement beforehand. There might be upper limits, but usually up to five boxes should be no problem.

2) Try using the services of This is a professional courier service who will forward parcels to you. So you buy the product from us and let it be shipped to the location from (preferably in Germany, because this is the quickest!) and they will forward this as private parcel to you. In most countries, you will not have problems with the customs as long as quantities are small.

Please note that we cannot make any exceptions with deliveries to outside the EU.

Best Regards,

Your aminoexpert team