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General Terms and Conditions of Innovamed Ltd.


§1 Scope for Entrepreneurs and General Definitions

(1) The following general terms and conditions (GTC) apply to all deliveries between the Innovamed Ltd. and a consumer at the time of order.

(2) "Consumer" in the context of these GTC shall mean any individual, who enters into a legal transaction for a purpose that is not of a commercial nature.

(3) The GTC shall also apply to entrepreneurs. However, the right of order withdrawal does not apply to entrepreneurs according to § 6.

§2 Conclusion and Storage of Contract of Purchase

(1) The following provisions on contracts of purchase apply to orders submitted via our internet shop

(2) Once an order has been accepted via the internet shop, a purchasing contract is entered with

Innovamed Ltd.
c/o Dr. Doreen Turner Bilocca
8, Church Square
Birzebuggia BBG 2032
Registration number C57662, Registered court Valetta, Malta

(3) The presentation of goods in our online shop is not a legally binding contract on our part, but merely a non-binding invitation to the consumer to order goods. By ordering the desired goods, the consumer makes a binding offer to conclude a purchasing contract.

The acceptance of the offer is made in writing or in text form or by sending the ordered goods for delivery within one week. After completion of this period the offer is deemed rejected.

(4) The following rules apply upon receipt of an order via our online shop: the consumer submits a binding offer of contract by successfully passing the purchasing process provided by our web shop.

A successful order involves completion of the following steps:

1) Selection of the desired product
2) Confirming by clicking the button "Order"
3) Examination of order information in the customer's shopping cart
4) Clicking on the "Checkout" button
5) Signing into the internet shop after successful registration of personal information (email address and password)
6) Subsequent final check or correction of the individual’s personal and desired product data
7) Binding submission of your order.


The consumer can return to the previouspage to correct the data before the binding submission by pressing the "back" button of the Internet browser. This allows checking and correcting input errors or cancelling the entire order process by closing the Internet browser or tab used. We will acknowledge receipt of your order immediately via an automatically generated e-mail (confirmation of receipt). This does not constitute legal acceptance of the offer. Legally binding acceptance of the offer is made in writing, in text form or by sending the ordered goods for delivery within one week.

(5) Storage of purchase contract via our online shop: We will send the customer the order data and our GTC via e-mail to. The terms and conditions at any time, see also under Your order details are no longer accessible no longer on the Internet for security reasons.

§3 Prices, Shipping, Payment, Due Dates and Overdue Fines

(1) The prices shown already include VAT and other price components. Shipping costs may be added according to the size of the order.

(2) The consumer has the option of paying by PayPal or credit card (Visa, Mastercard). In case of refunds we will charge a fee of 15 Euros to cover our as well as other third party costs.

(3) If a credit card payment is refused, we will charge an amount of 40 Euros to cover the cost purchase order and cntract cancellation to cover bank fees and internal costs. The receivable is due in this case immediately and in full amount.


§4 Delivery

(1) All items are available for immediate dispatch unless we have clearly stated otherwise in the product description.

§5 Retention of Ownership

We reserve right own the goods until full payment has been completed by the customer.


§6 Right of Withdrawal

Revocation Conditions

You can cancel your purchase contract by written declaration or by returning the goods within 14 days without providing specific reasons (eg letter, fax, e-mail.). The time limit begins after receipt of this instruction in text form, but not before receipt of the goods by the customer (in case of recurring deliveries of similar goods not before receipt of the first partial delivery) and also not before fulfillment of our obligations according to Article 246 § 2 2 in connection with § 1 paragraph 1 and 2 of the EGBGB (available at as well as our obligations according to § 312g paragraph 1 sentence 1 of the BGB (available at in conjunction with Article 246 § of the EGBGB. The timely return of the goods or declaration of cancellation is sufficient for a valid revocation period.

The declaration of revocation must be sent to:

Innovamed Ltd. c/o O.E.M. GmbH
Heinrich-Barth-Str. 15
DE 66115 Saarbrücken

Revocation Consequences

In case of an effective cancellation mutually received products or services and any benefits incurred (such as interest payable) to be returned. If the customer is not able to return the product in whole, partly or in deteriorated condition the customer must provide full compensation. You must pay compensation for the deterioration and derived benefits only to the extent that the use or deterioration is due to an action beyond the inspection of product characteristics. "Inspection of product characteristics" is defined as testing and trying out the goods as possible and customary in a physical retail store. Transportable items are to be returned at our risk. You have to bear the Postage and Packaging (P&P) cost of returning the goods if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered goods and if the cost of P&P the returnable goods do not exceed an amount of 40 Euros. Otherwise the return is free of charge to you. Non-dispatchable items will be picked up from you. Reimbursment obligations must be fulfilled by the customer within 30 days. This period begins when the customer submits a declaration of cancellation, product dispatch, or for us with respective receival.

End of cancellation policy


§7 Contractual Arrangement Regarding Return Costs with Revocation

If you exercise your right of withdrawal, the following agreement is made in accordance with § 357 para. 2 BGB (available at According to this you have to bear the Postage and Packaging (P&P) cost of returning the goods if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered goods and if the cost of P&P the returnable goods do not exceed an amount of 40 Euros. Otherwise the return is free of charge to you.

§8 Contract Language and Place of Jurisdiction

Available contract languages are German and English. Jurisdiction is St. Julians, Malta.


§9 Customer Service

Our customer service for questions, complaints and claims is available Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. under

Telefon: (+49) 0681 96989032


GTC last updated in May 2013